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Our extensive menu of International Tapas is
regularly changing and refreshed
offering exciting menu choices for all tastes

~ Tapas ~

Marinated Olives,    £3.95

Black & green pitted olives

Bruschetta,    £4.95

Toasted garlic break with Monterano salad

Chicken Breast Piri Piri,    £5.95

Authentic chargrilled chicken with our homemade piri piri suce

Sweet Sticky Sausage (G),    £4.95

Prime port sausages in a rich sweet onion gravy

Roasted Chorizo Sausage,    £4.95

Balsamic glaze & onions

Pan Fried Chicken Livers (G),    £5.95

With fried onions & sherry gravy

Chicken Chorizo Skewers,    £5.95

With balsamic glaze

Bury Tapas,    £5.95

Bury black pudding in a creamy mustard sauce

BBQ Ribs,   £6.95

Succulent ribs in a tangy bbq sauce

Chilli Steak (G),    £5.95

Strips of sirloin pan fried in a hot chilli gravy

Spicy Meatballs,   £5.95

In an Italian tomato sauce

Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets,    £7.95

Dusted with Moroccan spices

Mini Fajitas (G),   £6.95

Chicken, steak, halloumi or Mediterranean veg

Chicken Wing Platter,  £5.95

5 wings

Chicken Tikka Piri Piri Kebab,    £5.95

Not for the faint hearted

Chicken Tandoori Piri Piri Kebab,    £5.95

Indian favourite

Vegetable Spring Rolls (v),    £4.95

With sweet chilli sauce

Deep Fried Camembert (v) (G),    £4.95

In breadcrumbs with redcurrant jelly

Warm Goats Cheese & Beetroot Salad (v),    £4.95

Served with a balsamic glaze

Chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetables (v),    £4.95

Courgette, onion, aubergine, tomato & peppers

Hummus (v) (G),   £4.95

Served with warm pitta bread

Patatas Bravas (v),    £4.95

Herb diced potatoes with a rich tomato sauce

Mexican Snowballs (v) (G),    £4.95

Deep fried jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese

Chargrilled Halloumi (v),    £4.95

Served on crisp lettuce with a tangy dressing

Garlic Mushrooms (v),    £4.95

Cream, white wine & garlic with or without a chilli kick

~ Tapas Curries ~

Thai Massaman Chicken Curry,    £5.95

Slightly sweet & fragrant

Chicken Tikka Masala,    £5.95

The British curry

Chicken Jalfreizi,   £5.95

Vibrant use of peppers, tomato and fresh chillies

Vegetarian,    £4.95

Mixed veg in a rich tomato & cream sauce

~ Fish & Seafood Tapas~

Panko Cod,    £5.95

Japanese panko breadcrumbs & chilli jam

Smokey Trio,   £5.95

Smoked haddock, cod & prawns in a creamy garlic sauce

Thai Fish Cake (G),    £5.95

Infused with Thai spices with sweet chilli dip

Salt & Pepper Squid,    £4.95

Deep fried in a salt and pepper batter

Garlic & Chilli King Prawns,    £5.95

Served in a garlic, wine and coriander sauce

Tempura King Prawns (G),   £5.95

Deep fried in tempura batter

Deep Fried Cod (G),    £5.95

Chunks of cod in crisp batter

~ Steaks and Accompaniments ~

Steak on the Stone

Served with chips and homemade coleslaw

Fillet Steak,   £21.95

Ribeye Steak,    £18.95

Sirloin Steak,   £16.95

Sliced Duck Breast,   £18.95

Extras & Sauces

Red Wine (G), Roquefort, Peppercorn, Gravy (G),    £2.50

Caramelised onions, Sautéed mushrooms,    £1.95


Milly Spicy Fried Rice (G),    £2.95

Pilau Rice (v) (G),    £2.50

Seasoned Skinny Chips (v),    £2.95

Chunky Chips (v) (G),    £2.75

Salt & Pepper Chunky Chips (v),    £2.95

Mixed Seasonal Salad (v),   £2.75

(with Milly dressing)

Basket of Crusty Bread (v) (G),    £2.50

Garlic pizza base (v) (G),    £5.95

Tomato (G),    £1.00

~ Stews &Paella~

Rich & Hearty Stews

Chicken & Chorizo Stew,    £5.95

Minted Lamb Stew (G),    £5.95

Spanish Beef Stew (G),    £5.95

Chilli con Carne (G),    £5.95

Pork Stroganoff,    £5.95

Paella to share

Marinara,    £15.95

Classic Spanish rice, shellfish and seafood

Chicken & Chorizo,    £15.95

Classic Spanish rice, chicken & chorizo

Vegetarian ,    £12.95

Classic Spanish rice, Mediterranean vegetables

(V) Vegetarian

(G) Contains Gluten 

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